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How Mindfulness Can Improve Your Workout!

Have you ever completed a workout and thought to yourself, what did I just do? This happens so easily as we tend to fall into a fitness rut. We find a routine and then create a habit, but we forget to be mindful and present while we are working out. Believe it or not, the simple act of bringing mindfulness to your workouts will bring you significant improvements. Here is why:

More Effective Workout:

By bringing mindfulness to your workout routine, you will actually experience greater results. You will challenge your body and bring your fitness routine to the next level. As you are working out, listen to the cues your body gives you. If you feel like you can do more, go for it! When your body feels fatigued, listen to that as well. One line we always say in our boot camps is “rest to give your best!” Quality is more important than quantity. With mindfulness, you can assess how you feel and create a quality work out for yourself.

Decrease Injuries:

When you are mindful in your workouts, that means you are listening to the needs of your body. This increased mindfulness will dramatically decrease your chances of a workout related injury. How often have you ran through that pain only to regret it later? Most likely, you did not listen to what your body was telling you and the result was an injury. These injuries can put you out far longer than taking the time to listen to your own needs. If you feel pain, fatigue or anything that is not feeling right…stop and assess the situation. It may simply be that you need to stretch or take an additional day of rest. Listen to what your body is telling you, we can not stress that enough. Let your mind and body work together in harmony.

Increased Enjoyment:

When you are mindful, you are cognizant of how you feel. You begin to understand what works for you and what does not. You will also enjoy your workouts more as you begin to tailor them to your personal needs. Gone are the days of laboriously trekking through a treadmill workout. Find what inspires you to work harder, set goals and feel invigorated. At South County Adventure Boot Camp, we bring mindfulness to each and every workout. Each workout is different every single day, this asks our campers to bring their minds and to be present during the workout. It is incredible to feel the difference as you enter into a state of mindful exercise.

Develop a Healthy Relationship with Your Body and Exercise:

Perhaps the most important discovery you will find with mindful exercise is the relationship you develop with your body and your fitness routine. As you listen to your needs, you will begin to understand your body and what it needs to function at its optimal level. This will be a balance of exercise, diet (meaning the foods you choose to fuel you), goal setting, and an overall commitment to a mindful healthy lifestyle. Listening to your body is giving it the respect that is deserves. We challenge you to bring mindfulness to your next workout, you will be amazed by the difference!

To learn more about South County Adventure Boot Camp and how we foster mindful exercise, click here!

-Ryan Bate

Wellness Blogger


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