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Myrtle – A Welcoming Addition to the RI Entertainment Scene

It has been nearly six months since Myrtle had their grand opening in East Providence, RI on September 19th, 2023. The entertainment and events Myrtle has packed into its short life span are as eclectic as the venue itself. And that’s a good thing.

As artistic musicians with bartender experience, owners Natalie Vanlandingham and Tommy Allen did not go into this venture blindly. Their experience in the entertainment and hospitality industry along with their mutual tastes in the arts provided the vision for the business model that is now known as Myrtle. A combination of local bar, live music & entertainment venue that includes a vintage clothing shop.

Once entered, the ambiance of Myrtle takes you in many directions. The chandelier, eclectic artwork displayed everywhere, cozy booths, welcoming bar with friendly faces on both sides and a plug and play stage equipped with a beautiful piano, vintage organ and a drum kit that sets a cool vibe even when the stage is idle.

Add into the equation a mini vintage dress shop with clothing and accessories from days gone by that makes them fashionable today, for those looking for that retro treasure.

In short, there is nothing to compare to Myrtle. The best explanation is to imagine a venue, designed by artistic musicians who created an environment that caters to the listener and performer. A place where one afternoon host a poetry slam, followed by an evening record release party for an original band making a name for itself.

Original is a key word when you refer to Myrtle. The venue encourages and prides itself as a platform for original artists to promote and perform their material. A concept that was once plentiful in the Providence music scene. Myrtle makes being original something to be proud of, and they welcome it in a big way.

Myrtle has something going on six days a week (closed Mondays) and is located at 134 Waterman Avenue, East Providence, RI. To learn of all the events on schedule visit www.givemyrtle.com

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