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The Top 5 Exercises You Love to Hate with South County Boot Camp and Coaching for Women

It’s no surprise that a few of our favorite exercises are among the list of the most hated exercises. These exercises are the real deal; they will challenge you, help you progress, and give you the results you are looking for. It’s no wonder they are hated; they aren’t easy. However, you know the saying, “If it were easy, everyone would do it.” Our campers are among those women who are not choosing the easy way out. They are here for a challenge and to see results. Here are the top 5 exercises you love to hate and why we LOVE them…and we know you will too!

  1.  The Plank: We can not say enough about our love for the plank position. One important thing to consider is its adaptability for all levels. We will show you a variety of progressions to find the one that fits you and allows you to progress. Many of our campers started having never done a plank and can now hold the full plank position for over a minute; that’s progress. The plank position targets major muscle groups, including the core, arms, back, shoulders, hips, glutes, chest, and more. It is a full-body exercise. There are so many variations and ways to increase the challenge, which is another reason why we love the plank, and we know you will too!
  2. Mountain Climbers: Like the plank, there are variations, which makes this exercise accessible to most campers. Mountain climbers add a cardio element as well as a strength component. Strength and cardio combine with balance to make this exercise highly effective, challenging, and one of our faves! The mountain climber burns fat and targets major muscle groups; what’s not to love? If you want to see results, you will love this exercise too!
  3. Squats: We get excited about this one too! The squat is a powerhouse exercise, and we are simply swooning over it. There are so many variations that you are bound to find one that suits your fitness level. The squat can become a squat jump for an added cardio challenge. We also love adding weights for strength, a squat hold for balance, or both! Have you ever heard of the squat jack? It combines the squat and the jumping jack, a dynamic duo. Bands are another added challenge to the traditional squat. As you can see, the options are endless, and the results are incredible!  
  4. The Skip: Yes, it even sounds fun! The plyometric skip is a doozy, but there are variations to meet you at your fitness level. We love this exercise for all the right reasons. It provides a challenge, builds bone density, keeps the heart healthy, strengthens endurance, and produces optimal results. Join us on a trip back to your childhood as you skip your way to health! Like our other favorites, the skip has a variety of ways to increase the challenge as you progress!
  5. The Burpee: You might say we saved the best for last because we did! It is expected to hear moans and groans when the word burpee is tossed about, and for good reason: this is a challenge you will grow to love. Like the plank, many clients came to us unable to do a burpee. With variations, they have now found themselves completing multiple burpees! We love the burpee because it provides a full-body workout with an incredible cardio benefit. Additionally, there are many fun ways to challenge yourself with a burpee. Some ways include 180-degree burpees, squat burpees, v-jump burpees, and our personal favorite, the Suck it up Princess Burpee, which combines a burpee with a push-up, renegade row, squat, and jump! 

If you are ready to learn to love a challenge, join us at WWW.SCBOOTCAMP.COM. As your coaches, we will provide you with modifications and challenges so that you can be successful with these effective exercises!

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