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Native Plants of Rhode Island
Native Plants of Rhode Island

Native Plants of Rhode Island

Maintaining your residential or commercial property can become an overwhelming task…even with help.  This is one reason why you should consider using the native plants of Rhode Island in your design.  These species are already acclimated to the area and require far less maintenance than the exotic breeds.  They have existed here for many years and have adapted to the climate as well as the pests that can so quickly destroy the non-native plants.  Native Plants of Rhode Island can reduce the use of pesticides as well as constant watering and maintenance.

Native Plants of Rhode Island

*these plants have either edible, medicinal, and/or utilitarian purposes

  • High Bush Blueberry
  • Golden Rod
  • Viburnum
  • Sweet Fern
  • Clethra
  • Wintergreen
  • White Oak
  • Joe Pye Weed
  • And many more

Apart from being an environmentally conscious choice, using the native plants of Rhode Island is cost effective and aesthetically pleasing.  These local species are what make RI the beautiful state that it is.  You can reduce the cost of maintaining a garden as these plants are hearty and prepared to thrive in this environment.  What is even more, you are creating a habitat for the local wildlife.   You will find that songbirds and other species will find their way to your yard creating a sanctuary out of your garden design.

If you are considering making this choice then contact Native New England Landscapes today!  They are highly qualified in the art of creating unique designs that will not only create a captivating landscape but will also allow you all the advantages of using the native plants of Rhode Island.

Native Plants of Rhode Island…Get started today!

Native New England Landscapes

686 Ministerial Road

Wakefield, RI



Zach Geaber

Turn your landscape into a sanctuary that you and your local woodland creatures will enjoy for many years to come!




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