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The One Bucket List you Need!

When it comes to making a bucket list, many people go in the direction of vacations, wild adventures and must do before I die items.  These are the things that will allow you to say “yes, I did that!”  However, there is another perspective on the concept of the bucket list.  Our fitness bloggers Ryan and Danielle at South County Adventure Boot Camp have a whole new look on the idea of a “bucket list.”  What if you thought of it as something to do now to make your future life that much better…as in not before you die, but while you are alive!  We have compiled some bucket list items to check off on your health and wellness bucket list.  We challenge you to use this list as a means to extending your stay here on Earth and adding vitality and clarity to your life…and increasing your chances of completing your wild and adventurous bucket list!

  1.  Step Out of Your Comfort Zone–  Is your own level of comfort holding you back from other experiences in life?  Think about what they are and take a moment to find a way to step out of your comfort zone.  If you do this once, you are more likely to do it over and over again.  You will grow in the discomfort, we promise.
  2. Let Go of Guilt–  Guilt helps no one and harms everyone, mostly you.  If you are experiencing guilt over something or often suffer from guilt, take a look at the circumstances.  It is time to reevaluate and let the guilt go.  Guilt can remind you that you of what you should avoid in the future.  If you are feeling guilt over an action, take it as a lesson learned and an opportunity to do something different next time.  If guilt is a common emotion of yours, it is time for some serious self reflection.  Learn to forgive yourself and work beyond your feelings of guilt.  Start small and then keep going, choose not to let guilt affect your life.
  3. Forgive–  This is a challenging one but when you practice forgiveness, you will experience so much joy.  Remember life is not happening to us, it is happening around us and it is how we choose to see things that depend on how much happiness we can feel.  Holding a grudge is not only an ineffective means to a resolution, it is also harmful to the grudge holder.
  4. Celebrate–  Celebrating the life you live is so necessary.  We are often working towards the future, forgetting to enjoy and celebrate the successes that exist now.  Take a moment to look at your life as it is and celebrate what you have achieved and how far you have already come.
  5. Spread Love–   Hopefully you will find this so joyful that it becomes common practice for you.  We are often in search of being loved and appreciated that we can forget to show love and to show appreciation.  This applies to those closest to you and to those who are complete strangers.  Showing love and appreciation can change the course of your day and someone else’s day.  Think about your day as a series of encounters and ask yourself, how can I let those that I encounter know that I appreciate them and what they do. Then practice voicing that love and appreciation.
  6. Care for Yourself–  You may be showing love and appreciation to those around you, but are you showing that love and appreciation to yourself?  Take the time to put yourself as a priority, that way you can be the best you to better care for those who depend on you.  Is your health and wellness something you consider each and everyday?  Are you fueling your body with the right foods?  Are you taking time for yourself? Are you exercising and making health a priority?  Ask yourself these types of questions and make an action plan to keep yourself as #1.
  7. Challenge Yourself–  Test your limits, after all you are your only boundary.  Redefine your limits and start to grow again.  Have a look at our recent article regarding mindset.  Change your mindset, change your life!
  8. Be Grateful–  Again, many people tend to focus on the future and what they desire to have.  In doing so, you are overlooking the life you have now.  Each and everyday you should express gratitude for where you are now, not where you plan to be.  Take a moment and reflect on all that you have to be grateful for and make a point of expressing this daily.
  9. Accept Change–  Defining your life and the way things are supposed to go may be common practice for you.  However, things change and having preconceived notions can make those changes hard to accept.  Try to accept change and not be so rigid about things you can not control.  The only thing you can control is how you feel, so look at the unexpected changes and find a way to accept them and realize that they may have a bigger purpose.
  10. Be Present–  As you are reading this, you must understand one thing….this is the present.  Living in the now, not in the past or in the future will truly bring you a greater understanding of happiness.   There are no guarantees so be sure that you are living in the present and enjoying all that happens around you.  Try to clear your mind and be present for what you are asked to do at that moment, because ever so quickly those moments are gone.

This “bucket list” can literally change the way you operate on a day to day basis.  We hope you start to check them off one by one and find that you are experiencing great joy in doing so. We also hope that you share your experiences with us and those around you!   As always, reach out to us at South County Adventure Boot Camp for more health and wellness tips!  Be Well, Ryan and Danielle Bate


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