RI’s Charlie Greene Delivers 1st Solo EP

Born in Ireland in the town of Athlone, Charlie Greene was blessed to have grown up listening to cutting edge Irish Rock music on the radio. Always a fan of American music, movies and the arts, Greene ventured to the states as a young man to pursue his passion for the performing arts.

Upon arrival in Boston, Greene instantly became part of the local music scene eventually founding the cutting-edge Boston based band Less Than a Felony. `In short time, Greene relocated to Rhode Island in the town of Cumberland where he continued to focus on writing poetry and music while performing with his band.

The non-performing pandemic months gave Greene the opportunity to fulfill his long-time desire to create a solo project. The result is the EP “Talk to The Old Man”, a four-track studio recording of original material where Greene’s poetry and song writing perfectly collide.

The title track “Talk to The Old Man” is a mix of blues, rock and attitude as Greene observes mis-guided public assemblies made up of wolfs in sheep’s clothing. The up-tempo tune features a backdrop that can only be delivered by a classic Hammond organ (played by Red Studio Sound Studio’s engineer Mick Connelly).

Never Made It to Graceland” is a track speaking of childhood dreams of pushing the edge as kids in Ireland with the goal of visiting the home of the King someday. Unfortunately, life as it so often does, got in the way.

The third track, “Choose Your Poison” is an acoustic/electric Americana rocker. A feel-good tune with a great hook and change-up ending that begs for more. The song leaves us with the chant, “When a Kiss on Your Lips is Not Good Enough” …..

The closing track is very special, Charlie lost a friend who took his own life, to pay homage, Greene penned the gem “Open Your Heart”. A track that has become the center of attraction for this EP, and rightly so.

The EP is a pre-lude to Greene’s forthcoming full-length album to be released in the summer of 2022. The “Talk to the Old Man” EP was recorded and produced at Red Room Sound Studio in Torrington, CT by engineer, Mick Connelly. Mick is also credited as bass and keyboard player on all tracks. Drums and percussion are performed by Gary Santos, Greene’s project collaborator on the EP and forthcoming album.

To listen, view and learn of Charlie Greene’s updates and shows visit www. CharlieGreene.net and on Facebook @ www.facebook.com/CharlieGreeneMusician


Listen To the EP On SoundCloud Here

Talk to the Old Man Official Video – YouTube


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