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South County Adventure Boot Camp Goes Virtual with Zoom!

South County Adventure Boot Camp is excited to announce virtual camp!  You can count on the same personalized attention, challenging workout, and group atmosphere…all while social distancing.  The Zoom app is interactive and will give you the best possible virtual workout scenario.


  • Live Personalized attention from us
  • You will still have proper technique instruction
  • Be motivated to do something you would not normally do on your own
  • Have exclusive access to our daily unique and fun LIVE workouts
  • Can do anywhere

and best of all……

You still get to see and interact with your fellow boot campers! You will see them and workout with them just like regular boot camp. How nice will that be??? 

All while practicing social distancing

We are so excited to be able to do this! Hope you are as well.. THIS WILL BE AWESOME!!

We want you to TREAT this just like REGULAR in Person Boot Camp.. so If you are signed up for a camp time slot, we expect you to in on YOUR time slot just like normal.

We will be running our normal time slot schedule Monday – Friday Starting March 23rd.  Each slot is 60 miutes.  Start times are:

  • 5:30am
  • 6:30am
  • 7:30am
  • 8:30am
  • 9:30am

Knowing the state of people’s schedules, (time slot flexibility will be allowed)


You Can Join Here!  www.SCBootCamp.com

Some added points of emphasis: 

  • You will just need a small space every day, or a large space, whatever you feel is best for you.. you could even do it outside.. its wherever you feel.
  • You will need Mat, Weights, and Water daily
  • Feel free to use music on your end to pump yourself up.. just be sure you can hear us
  • We will also be looking to do Weekly Sunday (Low impact and stretch Zoom Sessions as an added bonus) 
  • Random “Boot Camp After Dark” Zoom session workouts (as an added bonus)
  • Plus all of the other resources, tips, recipes, challenges that we normally offer to help you make a healthy lifestyle change


Our 2020 Calendar Changes (as of now) please see below: 

NEW 2020 Camp Schedule

Camp 3: March 23rd-April 17th

Camp 4: April 20th- May 15th

Camp 5: May 25th-June 19th

Camp 6: June 29th-July 24th

Camp 7: August 3rd- August 28th

Camp 8: September 7th-October 2nd

Camp 9: October 12th-November 6th

Camp 10: November 16th-20th/week of Thanksgiving off/November 30th-December 18th


Later today we will be announcing some ZOOM Workout Trial dates, for everyone to practice for this Saturday, March 21st and Sunday, March 22nd !


Let’s do this ladies! We are here for you and excited to continue our health and fitness journey! TOGETHER!!! 


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