What Format is South County Adventure Boot Camp?
South County Adventure Boot Camp takes place on Zoom, an easy and interactive way to bring you the best quality workout in the safety of your home (or wherever you are)!  Campers are provided with the Zoom link at the beginning of each camp.  Save the link and login at your designated time slot.
When Do Camps Take Place?
Camps are 60 minutes long and take place in the mornings Monday-Friday at 5:30, 6:30, 7:30, 8:30, and 9:30.  Camp also takes place on Saturday at 8 am.  You have the opportunity to work out six times a week with us!
What if I Miss My Time Slot?
We understand that schedules change.  Campers may attend another time slot to accommodate their schedule when needed.  We are also really excited to offer you access to over 100 workouts in our database.  If you miss a workout, you can replay the workout from that day or access any past workouts!  That means you never have to miss a workout!
Why Choose South County Adventure Boot Camp over a Home Gym?
Accountability is key to your success.  Unlike your at-home equipment, we are with you live and holding you accountable. We not only expect you to show up, but we also expect you to give your best effort.  We are also there to offer tips on from to help prevent injury.  Speaking of injuries, we always offer adaptations to exercises if you have an injury.  Can your at-home equipment offer that?  Consider South County Adventure Boot Camp your gateway to having a personal trainer with you while you workout!  Each day is a brand new workout; we will never repeat a routine, so you needn’t worry about getting bored with this fitness program.  Being personal trainers, we can also find ways for you to use your fitness equipment during our workouts!  We look forward to helping you achieve more than you ever thought possible!
What Else Should I Know?
The equipment is simple; you need a mat, weights, and water.  We also offer a list of additional equipment you may already own or might like to purchase.  You should also know that our commitment to you goes far beyond the 60 minutes you are in camp.  We host weekly events, offer weekly challenges, provide inspirational emails, healthy recipes, and much more. Each session allows you the opportunity to connect with like-minded women who are in camp with you.  South County Adventure Boot Camp is a community of women with one goal, to lead a healthier lifestyle.  This pandemic has made it difficult to find the time and the place to commit to yourself and your fitness.  South County Adventure Boot Camp is the answer.  Give yourself the time you deserve.  Don’t let this pandemic stop you from reaching your fitness goals.  Now more than ever, your health should be a focus.  Join us at www.scbootcamp.com and pave the way to a healthier YOU!