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South County Adventure Boot Camp Offers Safe and Effective Workout Options!

Rhode Island is entering phase 2 of reopening businesses. This means that gyms and other fitness facilities will begin to open their doors under new regulations. However, many people may not be ready for the inherent risks this may bring. At South County Adventure Boot Camp, we have been asked to adapt how we run our programs so we could still meet our client’s needs. We are grateful to have had this opportunity as we have found it to be very successful for our clients! We moved our program to an interactive workout via Zoom! As we enter into the reopening phases, we have decided to make our program accessible to all. We will continue with Zoom sessions, and starting on Wednesday, June 3rd, we will hold some of our camps outdoors (please see our website for our full schedule). South County Adventure Boot Camp can become your new fitness routine, especially if you are hesitant to go back to a gym setting. If you are joining us on Zoom, you can be anywhere in the world! If you are joining us locally, you can opt for the hybrid schedule. This means you can have your workout in the comfort of your own home, and if you feel comfortable, you can join us in person outdoors! We will be following the suggested guidelines to ensure safety, such as:

  1. There will be no shared equipment in any of our sessions; all clients will bring and use their own equipment.  Equipment needed is minimal and only consists of a pair of hand weights, water, and a mat.
  2. Hand sanitizer will always be available.
  3. During our sessions, campers will have their own workout station designated by a cone. Their station will be 14-15 feet apart from the next campers station. Also, Broad Rock Athletic fields offer us a lot of space to move around and we will certainly take advantage of that while remaining socially distanced. This will not be a stationary workout where you stay in place for the entire workout.  Masks WILL NOT be worn during your workout as we will be safely and appropriately distanced for the entire workout so they are not required per the state guidelines.
  4. We as trainers will wear a mask whenever we need to get closer than 6 feet from somebody to assist them in the safety of their workout, but physically touching someone would not occur unless it was an emergency.

Your safety is what we are concerned with most. We will continue to offer Zoom sessions so that you can join us from the safety of your own home. Our Zoom sessions are like having a personal trainer in your own home. We focus on each camper to ensure your form is right and that you are working your hardest. We provide modifications to each exercise for those who need it. South County Adventure Boot Camp will have you working to the best of your ability in your home and with us in person. When the timing is right, we hope to see some of you outdoors. Our interactive Zoom classes will be offered for the foreseeable future so that we can bring you a challenging, exciting, and safe workout program. To learn more about our camps, visit our website at www.scbootcamp.com. We look forward to keeping you safe and healthy!

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