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South County Adventure Boot Camp’s Pandemic Proof Schedule!

As the times continue to change, we at South County Adventure Boot Camp do too. Our passion is sharing the gift of health and fitness with our clients. Together we bring over 15 years of experience in the fitness industry. As the pandemic settled in, it became evident that this was not going to pass quickly. Even more so, it became clear that our clients needed us now more than ever. This marked the beginning of a brand new adventure for South County Adventure Boot Camp.
     For the first time, we went completely virtual and interactive through Zoom. The feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive. We are blessed with the opportunity to work with women from all over due to the ability to access Zoom anywhere! It has been a lifesaver for all of us to be able to remain active and stay connected, even virtually. As we all navigate this pandemic, we continue to be committed to our clients and our community.  Each session we host a different charity event to give back to our amazing community.  We encourage our campers to get involved and make a difference!
     As of June 29th, we have adopted a new schedule that allows clients to choose from three virtual days and four in-person days or a mixture. We are confident that this schedule will meet the needs of our existing and future clients.
Let’s take a closer look at what it means to be back outside and in person. We are adhering to all the social distancing guidelines as well as the best practices put forth by the CDC. We are at Broad Rock Athletic Fields which affords us ample space to spread out and get in a killer workout. From bumper taps to fence sits, there is no shortage of possibilities. Each workout is safe, effective, and fun! The in-person workouts allow you to benefit from the group setting while remaining socially distanced and safe.
 However, If you are not comfortable with that or live out of the area, let’s take a closer look at our Zoom workouts. We offer three days during our typical time slots.  Scheduling and child care have also added a whole other element to our lives during these times. We will also record the workout, giving you the flexibility to do it later if needed. Each Zoom workout is challenging, interactive, and fun! You can also interact with the other campers for support and motivation. You need a small space, your mat, weights, water, and a positive attitude.  However, these sessions can be done outside, on vacation, or anywhere you prefer to workout!
     Additionally, you can avoid the tight quarters and restrictions of a gym setting. The best part is, you will see and feel results after your first camp! Our Zoom Camps will have you sweating and smiling, wherever you choose to be!

     If you happen to be local and are ready for an in-person experience, you can benefit from both! Campers can now have the option to attend camp six days a week with a mixture of Zoom and in-person! Our next camp starts on June 29th! Reserve your spot at www.scbootcamp.com!

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