South County Boot Camp and Coaching for Women, Challenging All Fitness Levels

South County Boot Camp and Coaching is known for many things, and perhaps the most important is that we are for all fitness levels.  When we started, we had a vision to impact and improve the lives of women in Rhode Island and beyond.  With that goal in mind, we created a program that is accessible to ALL fitness levels.  If you’re looking to be challenged appropriately, we are exactly what you need.  Here’s how we can challenge all fitness levels in our group setting.

Variety: A common thread among our clients is that they come to us to change things up.  For example, an avid runner benefits from our program through strength, balance, and endurance training.  The variety we offer allows us to complement and improve what some of clients are already doing.  The variety of our program is not only accessible to fitness enthusiasts but it’s also welcoming to beginners or those who may have fallen off the fitness train.  When we introduce an exercise or routine, we always start by offering modifications and the ability to progress throughout the workout.  In addition to modifications, we demonstrate added challenges.  Women come to us at all levels, they can already hold a three minute plank, have never even attempted a plank, and everything in between.  Our passion is to improve your fitness level, we promise once you start, you’ll see that you are where you belong.

Pillars of Fitness: When creating a fitness routine on your own, you may find that you focus on one area be it cardio, strength, or balance.  South County Boot Camp and Coaching for women is dedicated to implementing the pillars of fitness.  Workouts will improve flexibility and balance, increase endurance, and build strength.  In addition to physical pillars, we will focus on mindset and lifestyle.  Clearing mental and physical obstacles with coaching and support from the women around you will guide you on your fitness journey.  All ages and all fitness levels will experience positive changes to the mind and the body.

Individual Goal Setting:  Goal setting is a way to measure your progress and keep you on track.  As your coaches, we get to know each client on a personal level.  Most importantly, we want to know your goals, what you hope to achieve through our program.  With that in mind, we align our coaching to help you reach your fitness goals.  Each client has different individual goals, all of which can be met by working with us at South County Boot Camp and coaching for Women.  The women in our program are motivated to make changes and create a safe and supportive environment for new campers of all ages and levels.


If you are ready to start where you are and make positive changes to your mind and your body, join us at

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