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16 Places to Get Craft Beer in Rhode Island!

16 Places to Get Great Beer in Rhode Island

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Rhode Island’s craft beer market is literally bursting with options throughout the state. Rhode Island boasts more than a dozen great micro-breweries and many places to purchase these delicious beers. If you want to check out some local beers, or if you want to help yourself to craft beers from all over the country—and the world—check out these 15 places around RI. We’ll take a look at six liquor stores and ten bars where you can get your hands on great, expertly-made craft and local beer.

Liquor Stores

Bottles Fine Wine!

1. Bottles, located at 141 Pitman Street in Providence, is located in the Fox Point neighborhood. It has a huge selection of micro-brewed beers and other high-end liquors. To learn more, go to bottlesfinewine.com.
2. Bridge Liquors, located at 23 Connell Highway in Newport, is a great local liquor store that you’ve probably passed if you’ve driven to Newport. In addition to a good location, the store also has a variety of different local and craft beers. Learn more at bridgeliquors.com.

3. Quaker Lane Wines and Spirits, located at 4020 Quaker Lane in North Kingstown, has a full walk-in freezer full of great local craft beers. Learn more at quakerlaneliquors.com.

4. Bin 312, located at 312 South Main Street in Providence, is a fully stocked, upscale liquor store. Learn more at bin312.com.
5. Gasbarro’s Liquor, located at 361 Atwells Avenue in Providence, is located right in the heart of Federal Hill. It’s moderately priced, clean and bright, and has a lot of craft beer. Learn more at www.gasbarros.com.

6.  Nikki’s Liquors, located at 32 Branch Ave Providence, offers a huge selection of local and craft beers.  Try their special mix a six or mix a case deal and enjoy a variety of craft beers.  Learn more here!


1. The What Cheer Tavern, located at 228 New York Avenue in Providence, is a small, comfortable, and uncomplicated pub

Craft Beer in Rhode Island
The Wharf Pub

near Washington Park. To learn more, go to their website at www.whatcheertavern.com

2. The Wharf Pub and Restaurant, located at 37 Bowens Wharf in Newport, has great seafood and a great selection of reasonably-priced local beers as well as craft beer from all over the globe. Learn more at thewharfpubnewport.com.

3. Thee Red Fez, located at 49 Peck Street in Providence, is a second floor downtown bar with a unique aesthetic and a great selection of craft beers. To learn more, go to their Facebook page here.

4. The Pour Judgement Bar and Grill, located at 32 Broadway in Newport, has a wide-ranging selection of local beers, as well as great food–including some great vegetarian options. Learn more here.

5. The Mews Tavern, located at 456 Main Street in Wakefield, had 69 different craft beers available. Both their bar and their restaurant offer a warm, friendly atmosphere. Learn more at mewstavern.com.

6.  The Malted Barley, located at 42 High Street in Westerly, has an enormous array of craft and local beer on tap.  As the season changes, so do your selections.  They also offer homemade pretzels or pretzel sandwiches to partner with your malted beverage.  Click here to see what is on tap!

7.  Norey’s, located at 156 Broadway in Newport, takes great pride in offering a plethora of expertly selected craft beer coupled with an artisinal kitchen.  What a perfect combination.  To learn more about all that Norey’s has to offer, click here!

8. Rogue Island Local Kitchen and Bar, located at 65 Weybosset St, Providence, RI 02903 Suite 108 in The Arcade, is certainly on this list for good reason.  You can find pretty much any local beer on this menu and if it is not there yet, it is coming soon!  Click here to see for yourself.  To take it even one step more, they are a scratch kitchen!  Items prepared here come from local farms…so worth an extra moment or two.

9.  Julians, located at 318 Broadway in Providence, serves up a selection to satiate even the pickiest of beer connoisseurs.  From the bottle to the can or the tap to the cast, you will be able to find something to suit your taste.  Speaking of taste, bring your appetite…Julian’s menu is top notch and offers items for all!  Click here for more.   

10.  Track 84, located at 84 Kilvert St in Warwick, offers a constantly rotating selection of craft beers both on tap and in the bottle or can. In fact,  they boast 22 rotating taps of craft beer, one cask beer engine and a wide assortment in the bottled craft brews.  Click her for more details!  Located near TF Green, this is a perfect pre or post flight place to grab a brew.

We must take a moment to commend out little state and its efforts to make craft and local beer available to the masses.  If you have a place you love, comment below…help spread the love of craft beer in Rhode Island!

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  1. Just want to point out Malt in Newport with 28 taps & cask as well as the amazing Tom & Chelynn Sheehan & staff. The up and coming Parlor Kitchen and Bar which is the old Cafe 200 with same family, but a different concept. Indian fusion food with Chef Joseph Mitchell of Malt, Salvation, and Castle Hill and craft beer including Whaler’s from Peacedale.

  2. You should correct the title to best places if you do not want to travel north of Providence…. You missed the entire northern half of the state.

    • What you are looking for just might be coming soon! Please comment and tell us your favorites North of Providence…thanks for the feedback. Cheers!

  3. You missed some of the biggest hitters: The English cellar in Providence has over 200 selections, Dohertys in Warwick has over 100 ON TAP! And a nice little hole in the wall known as Wickenden pub has a little over 100 and a really fun 99 beer club. Buy a card and punch one out for each different beer you’ve had. When you hit 99 you get your name on a badge on the wall.

  4. Dave’s Bar and grill in Warwick, across from the airport is another great spot. 60 taps. Check it out.

  5. A big tap list does not equate to great craft beer bar. 100 taps doesn’t mean anything if the beers are shit or beers don’t move. Beer is a food product that goes bad over time.

  6. Just saw the tap list at What the Cheer. Gotta say it’s – OK at best. Maybe Rhode Island doesn’t the savvy craft beer crowd. “The Shed”? That’s funny!

  7. Track 84 is out of business.

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