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5 Benefits of Outdoor Exercise with South County Adventure Boot Camp!

Did you know that taking your workout outdoors has many benefits?  At South County Adventure Boot Camp, we take advantage of the beautiful months in Rhode Island by moving our routine outside!  There are many benefits of exercising in the great outdoors, here’s 5 that are certainly worth your while!

1.  Exposure to the Elements:  There is no contact when you are exercising outdoors.  The weather changes and affords you the opportunity to adapt to these changes.  The more challenging the weather or the terrain, the more challenging your workout will be.  As a result, you will achieve greater results.  You will also challenge yourself to do something you thought you could not do.  Please note, we always take note of the weather to be sure that all campers are safe.  At South County Adventure Boot Camp, we want you to “think outside the gym!”

2.  Increased Energy:  Vitamin D increases energy and improves muscle function, giving you a more effective workout.

     “Vitamin D is vital for making our muscles work efficiently and boosting energy levels, new research from Newcastle University has shown.

     A study led by Dr. Akash Sinha has shown that muscle function improves with Vitamin D supplements which are thought to enhance the activity of the mitochondria, the batteries of the cell.”-https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2013-04/nu-vdp040513.php

An hour outdoor workout will boost your mood, raise your Vitamin D levels, and give you results!

3.  Clear Your Mind:  The atmosphere is the gym can be distracting and a bit overwhelming.  It is important to be present for your workout, both physically and mentally.  Getting outside and exercising asks you to be focused on just your workout.  This will give you the time to clear your mind and focus your personal goals.  At South County Adventure Boot Camp, your only competition is you.  We want each and every camper to meet and exceed their personal goals.  This is one full hour dedicated to becoming your best you, what better of a backdrop that Mother Nature herself?

4.  Intense Workout:  As we mentioned, the outdoors has a mind of its own.  There will be wind, heat, temperature fluctuations, precipitation, and the like.  All of these elements keep our bodies working even harder.  You will find that the elements add a welcomed extra challenge to your routine.  In addition, it is easier to stretch your limits when you are outside.  You are not restricted to a treadmill speed or a certain calorie count, outdoors you can test your limits!

5.  Reconnect with Nature and Your Friends:  Spending time outdoors has been proven to heighten your mood and ward off depression.  When you are in a camp, you will spend 60 minutes outdoors anywhere from 3-5 times a week!  This is a great opportunity as many of us are stuck indoors during working hours.  In addition, we offer a group setting where you can workout with like-minded ladies.  As you reconnect with nature, you will also have the opportunity to connect with women who have similar goals.  It is important to surround yourself with positive influences, and this happens each and every day at South County Adventure Boot Camp!

We look forward to working with you and helping you “think outside the gym!”  Learn more at http://www.scbootcamp.com!

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