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5 Essential Fitness Tips from South County Adventure Boot Camp

Summer is in full swing here in Rhode Island…what better of a time to take a look at your health and fitness goals.  The weather is ideal for getting outdoors and getting yourself moving.  Ryan Bate of South County Adventure Boot Camp brings us 5 Essential Fitness Tips to help you achieve your fitness goals.    South County Adventure Boot Camp has been changing the lives of women all over Rhode Island.  In addition, this wildly successful fitness program deserves a huge congratulations as they have won #bestofri for the 6th straight year in a row.  South County Adventure Boot Camp is more than a workout, it is a way of life.  As you will see in the video below…your trainers Ryan and Danielle Bate will be with you 110% of the way…beyond your hour at camp.  If you are interested in getting fit…have a listen:


A recap to guide you on your journey to optimal health:

  1.  Goal Setting:  Set your goals and live with them in mind.  Be sure to set specific goals so that you can measure your progress.
  2. Set a Specific Schedule:  Is is no secret the life is busy!  Just as you would schedule in a hair appointment or a meeting….schedule in your workout time.  Write it down and stick to it.  Make it a meeting with yourself, do not let yourself down!
  3. Enjoy Your Workout:  It is hard to stay motivated if you are dreading what you are doing. You need to find a program that motivates you and keeps you coming back for more!  South County Adventure Boot Camp is a wonderful example of a program that is designed to keep you engaged while experiencing maximum results.
  4. Know Your Body:  Be in the presence of those who can guide you through exercises, show you new routines and help you understand the fundamentals of what it is that you are doing.  Know your body, listen to your body, challenge your body!
  5. Have a Support System:  South County Adventure Boot Camp is a great example of what it means to have a support system.  Not only are your trainers counting on you to be there,be committed and give it your all.  Your fellow campers are there as well, pushing themselves to reach their fitness goals.  Fuel yourself on the positive support of those around you.  Don’t be afraid to let everyone know your goals, those who love you will provide you the support you need.

As always…feel free to reach out to our Health and Wellness Blogger, Ryan Bate, if you are interested in learning more healthy tips.  You can learn all about South County Adventure Boot Camp by clicking here!

And…as a wellness blogger would, Ryan has launched a new site called VeganFitness.Guru.  Be sure to pop on over and get some delicious recipes, fitness tips, lifestyle tips and much more!

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