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5 Healthy Changes to Make this Fall!

As seasons change, we naturally feel the need to change along with them.  Often we make lofty plans to make drastic changes that are not sustainable.  The end result is another year that goes by without making the changes you wanted to.  Our fitness bloggers Ryan and Danielle Bate have provided us with 5 changes you can make this season that will dramatically improve the quality of your life.  As your schedule changes and the world around you alters…commit yourself to making at LEAST one of these changes.  Once you are solid on that change and it becomes a lifestyle, move onto the next.  The key here is that these changes are not changes that you should make for a certain amount of time, they are lifestyles…that means you adopt these habits as part of your everyday life.

5 Healthy Changes to Make this Fall!

Get Active-  Fall weather tends to bring a crisp cool air that is ideal for getting outdoors.  The temperatures are just right and will allow for a wide range of outdoor activities.  From hiking to biking and everything in between, there is certainly an outdoor activity you will enjoy.  A brisk walk is a great way to get the heart rate going while enjoying the outdoors.  If you are looking to make a fitness commitment, then come join the fun at South County Adventure Boot Camp.  This program is perfect for all fitness levels and we promise, you will not give up your goals!  Have a look at a the adventure that awaits and if you want to try a class, email Ryan at ryan@scbootcamp.com:

Eat Plant Based-  Many people are unsure of how and why to make the change to a plant based diet.  The benefits of a plant based diet are many, which you can read about here.  However, if you are not ready to jump in 100%, commit yourself to reducing the intake of animal byproducts and increasing the amount of plant based foods.  As you do this, you will begin to feel more energized, lose more weight and experience better health.  This should be enough for you to continue your journey and hopefully make a complete transition to a better and kinder  way of eating.  If you are looking for an already done for you program, check out The Little Black Dress Project!  This is a “done for you” meal plan that will take you on a 28 day plant based journey.  Visit VeganFitness.Guru for vegan tips and lifestyle changes!

Be Kinder-  This may sound simple, but many of us do not follow this.  It is not only important to make an effort to be kinder to others, you also need to be committed to being kinder to yourself.  As you do this, you will see a better life unfold around you.  There is plenty of truth to the statement, “you get what you give.” If you radiate kindness, it will come back to you.  Start each day by making sure to say something kind to yourself and those around you.  When you get to work, say something kind to a co-worker…you will begin to see the power of kindness.

Create Boundaries-  Are you a people pleaser?  Are you overcommitting just to make others around you happy?  If so, this is the season of change.  No longer can you sustain this type of behavior.  Set boundaries and learn to say no to others.  Believe it or not, they will understand.  It is quite liberating to decide that you can and will say no to those things that are just too much.  If it is not serving you, let it go.  Boundaries need to be set in all aspects of your life.  Create boundaries at work, in your relationships and within yourself.  The beauty of creating boundaries is that you will actually feel more free.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone-  Last, but not least…break free of your comfort zone!  This is a zone which you have created for yourself.  It is a place where you feel safe, like nothing can go wrong.  Guess what, comfort zones are an illusion and they are only holding you back.  Start small, but start! Think about what you have always wanted to do but were too afraid to try…commit to making steps towards these dreams.  Your career, your family, your relationships and yourself will thank you for this.  You will transform your life by taking risks and leaving your comfort zone.  You have only one life, so go out there and get it!



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