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5 Ways Reiki Will Change Your Life!

Do you need more balance in life?  Are you looking for an effective way to reduce stress and anxiety?  Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to let go of those things in life that are no longer serving you? How about attracting the things you need in life?  If you thought “YES” to any of these questions, then Reiki may be just what you need!

Our local wellness bloggers, Theresa Amaral and Karen Smolan of Journey into the Soul Wellness Center, have enlightened us to the ways that Reiki can benefit you and ultimately change your life!

The word Reiki is composed of two Japanese words: Rei, which means “God’s Wisdom or the Higher Power,” and Ki, which is “life force energy.” And so what does that make Reiki? “A gentle, non-invasive relaxation technique which activates the natural healing process of the body .” In simpler terms, Reiki is a Japanese technique used to reduce stress and promote relaxation and healing. It sounds wonderful already, right?

Here are five ways this amazing technique can change your life:

1. You will feel more powerful.

It’s no secret that Reiki strengthens your inner power by making you feel more connected to yourself. Through learning about your Chakras through this type of energy healing, you can bring balance to them and gain more control over them. It will allow you to more easily access your inspiration, creativity, energy and more.


2. You will be able to free yourself of anything that hinders your life journey.

 Reiki opens doors. It frees you from the daily grind and petty grievances that are subconsciously holding you back from your true journey. When you start on the path of healing and love, you can truly set yourself free and release anything that might be uselessly sucking up all of your energy.


3. You will deepen your life connections.

 This not only, of course, means your connections to your loved ones, but primarily to yourself. Reiki cements your connection with everything around you, grounding you in the universe. You are empowered by the recognition of your connection to the awesomeness of spirit, the spirit that runs through everything, creates all, and is all.


4. You will attract what you need into your life.

Out with the old and in with the new! Once you are able to let go of those draining energies in your life, you make room for new and more exciting ones. Reiki allows you to be open to the universe giving you what you need. Energy healing creates this space and ensures that your energy system is balanced to attract more of what you desire.


5. You will lead a more tranquil life.

Living in balance inspires you to create change in your lifestyle. You may find that through the energy healing practice of Reiki you grow less interested in any type of drama or emotionally draining energies. You will feel calmer throughout the day, and begin making choices that support that sense of peace. When you feel better, you make better choices. It’s as simple as that.

If you are ready to try Reiki, book your appointment at Journey into the Soul Wellness Center here!

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