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5 Tips for Success…

Success can be measured in many ways.  The definition of success varies greatly from person to person.  In this case, I ask you to view success as paving the path to your dreams, no matter how big or small they may be or may seem to be.  Whether you seek to earn a 6 figure salary or intend to create a life of simplicity, you can use these tips to find yourself closer to your dream.

The Next Big Thing Concept1.  Visualize:  Have you ever found that you thought so much about something that it has actually happened?  This is no coincidence.  This is called the law of attraction.  When your bad day goes from bad to worse, this usually occurs when you are focusing so much on negativity that you actually draw these experiences to you.  This is why visualizing your success is such a pivotal point in your journey.  If you can’t see it, you can’t attract it to you.  Choose a time during the day or as you nod off to sleep to spend some time seeing yourself in your state of success.  If your goal is to get back into shape, then see yourself there.  Imagine your steps you take to get there but really see yourself in your ideal shape.  Feel what that feels like and make this a daily or nightly habit.  As you can see, this strategy can be applied to pretty much everything.

Young woman sketching and calculating thoughts2.  Make a Plan:  It seems obvious but this is a step many of us overlook or intend to get to later.  Well put this on the top of your “to-do” list.  And yes, “the best laid plans often fail,” and this is okay.  We will discuss this in a later tip.  Your plan is intended to give you direction and help you to clearly see your future.  However, roadblocks do and will appear.  In this case, you go around.  Trust in your plan and know that even if you change your route you are still headed to the same destination.  A plan will help guide you and give you attainable steps towards your goals.  In making your plan, give yourself check points to stay on track.  If you were planning to run your first marathon you certainly are not going to show up cold turkey nor are you going to just start out by running 15 miles for your first time.   You would most likely create a plan and give yourself actionable steps.  You would carefully monitor your progress and make changes as needed.  When it comes to achieving something, you need to put your energy towards creating an action plan.

Hello I Am Accountable Name Tag Responsibility Scapegoat3.  Be Accountable:  There is such a long period of life where you have someone else holding you accountable.  Be it your parents, teachers or bosses, they are or have been the ones who have held you accountable.  When you start to manifest your own goals and dreams, you are the one who needs to hold yourself accountable.  It is easy to ignore the feeling of letting yourself down, because only you know that you did.  However, this can be dangerous as you can slip into the habit of letting yourself slide.  You need to quite literally, “be your own boss”, and make sure you are doing what you said you would.  If you decided you were going to contact 3 clients in a given week and you only made contact with one, assess that.  Was your goal too high or did something else go wrong along the way.  After you understand why that goal was not met, make changes and move along.  If you don’t meet a goal, just be accountable and fully understand the situation.  These things will naturally be out of our control at times but still make the needed adjustments and move forward.

Bambina divertente con stelle filanti4.  Enjoy and Celebrate:  That sounds nice doesn’t it?  On your journey to success you are meeting and exceeding a series of smaller goals that you had set for yourself.  Notice these seemingly smaller successes and take the time to enjoy and celebrate them.  They are great motivators and will help fuel your dream.  Celebrating your milestones will also keep your mind in a positive place and bring forth continued positive experiences.  Set-backs are steps forward in disguise, try to see them that way.  Celebrate what you learned from an experience that you may feel held you back in some way.  Seeing the lesson in a negative experience is certainly a challenge but, when you can shift your perception on these experiences and turn them into something good…you will be amazed at how things will naturally turn around for you.


mind, body, spirit, soul and you5.  Find Balance:  When you find that stability and can stand perfectly still on one foot, you suddenly feel…well, balanced.  It feels empowering!  But when you start to wiggle, even just a little, things can fall apart quickly and suddenly you might be laying on the ground.  Take this analogy and apply it to all areas that you balance in your life.  Balancing your personal life, work, family, health and so much more.  When one thing is compromised it slowly causes an imbalance and can leave you literally and figuratively laying on the ground.  At times, we can focus so intently on a goal that we will let other important pieces slide.  The thought process is usually something like, “well, when I achieve ____________ I will start Yoga again,  have more time for my family, or even simply clean my car.”  Well the truth is that maintaining balance is actually part of achieving your goals.  Take some time each day and check yourself.  Be sure that you are finding balance and that all things are operating as they should.  Sleep well, eat well and be well.  Never compromise what is important to your happiness in order to reach a goal.  Instead, find a way to balance them.  I know this can seem impossible but really put your efforts here.  You may need to adapt and change in some cases but always find a balance that allows you to stay grounded.


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