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Feeling Stressed? Try This!

Naturally Reduce Stress & Anxiety with Reiki Healing

A simple and effective way to rid your body of negative energies and stress has been around all along. And no, it’s not a prescription drug. While “Reiki” is a term many have heard, few fully understand the powerful positivity a session can infuse into a person’s life. This natural healing technique utilizes the energy of the universe to bring harmony and balance to the body’s core, reducing stress levels in the process.

Reiki is Japanese for “Universal Life Energy.” This energy healing technique calls on the body’s seven energy centers, which are also known as the chakras (root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown) to bring peace and order to the whole. It is an organic process, which enhances relaxation and rejuvenation by unblocking any blocked flows of energy in the body and restoring serenity.

Practitioners of Reiki act as conduits for Universal light energy, assisting in bringing the optimal level of healing to their patients. When done successfully, a practitioner is able to provide exactly the necessary amount of fresh energy to a patient for maximum growth. The goal is for a patient to leave feeling more grounded and calm, free of the stress they walked in with. By infusing people with light energy, they are able to heal themselves.

Between work life, personal issues and the ever anxiety-producing online world, stress levels today are through the roof. People are absorbing other people’s negative energy, with all facets of life stimulating the nervous system. This status signals a body to go into “flight or fight mode.” This is an extremely stressful position to be in and, among other things: increases one’s heart rate, onsets shortness of breath and shoots up cortisol levels (the stress hormone). As you can imagine, living in this overwhelming state is not at all healthy. That’s where Reiki comes in! A session allows you to release negative energy and make room for your inner strength.

One of the greatest purposes of Reiki is to align the chakras so that you can reconnect with your true center: your heart. While anxiety (and all that comes with it) is a strong emotion, Reiki reveals that your heart (and, in a more emotional term – love) is stronger. So when you use the process to remove the bad energies you’ve been harboring, you become more aware of the things that have been hindering your ability to love yourself and others.

So what are these magical-stress-reducing-sessions like? Technically speaking: during a Reiki treatment, patients are put at ease through the encouragement of full, deep and easy breaths. Their muscles begin to release tension, their heart rate becomes even and adrenaline will be put at ease (allowing the release of the aforementioned “fight or flight mode.”). Overall, patients are reassured that everything is okay and given tools to manage their stress levels. At Journey Into the Soul Wellness Center, we offer a peaceful treatment room where each session takes place. After your session, clients are invited to stay a while in the Tranquility Room to peacefully savor and reflect on their experience. Tea, coffee and water are offered and if you would like to share feedback, that is always welcomed.

Reiki sessions are not only effective, holistic and non-invasive, they are also a cost effective way to reduce and relieve stress. You can click here for pricing and scheduling.
Also, enjoy our 1 year anniversary offer as noted below:

Hours and Location:

South Kingstown Office Park
24 Salt Pond Road Suite B-1
Wakefield, RI 02879
(minutes from South County Hospital)
Center Hours:
Sunday 8am -2pm
Monday 10am-8pm
Tuesday 10am-8pm
Wednesday 8am-8pm
Thursday 8am-8pm
Friday 8am-7pm
Saturday 8am-12pm

Services by Appointment only



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