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Here’s How One Local Business Gives Back to Our Community!

Health and Wellness are what South County Adventure Boot Camp is all about!  It is more than a fitness program; it is a lifestyle that goes far beyond the hour you are in camp.  At South County Adventure Boot Camp, we believe that the community’s health that makes up our camps and the community that surrounds us is most important.  Along with our dedicated campers, we are proud to give back to the local community.  During each camp, we host a different fundraiser aimed at supporting one of our local non-profits.

This year, we have raised funds or donations for the Domestic Violence Resource Center, Rhode Island Center Assisting those in Need (RICAN), Johnny Cake Center, Animal Rescue League, Welcome House, and blood donations.  We look forward to continuing to support our local community and beyond.  If you have any causes you feel that we should support, email us at Ryan@scbootcamp.com.  Below you can see how much we were able to raise for each organization with our dedicated boot campers.  We could not have done this without all of them!  If you are interested in learning more, visit www.scbootcamp.com


DVRC: $1011

RICAN: 372 Pounds of food (400 items)

Jonny Cake Center: $930

Animal Rescue League: $1500

Welcome House: $610

12 pints of BLOOD


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