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How South County Boot Camp and Coaching for Women Provides a “No Equipment” Challenging Workout!

Have you ever looked around and thought, “Wow, I can get a good workout here!” Chances are you were in a gym or a fitness center if that has happened to you. Ryan and Danielle Bate of South County Boot Camp and Coaching for Women are known for “thinking outside the gym.” Women all over Rhode Island have been traveling to this program for decades; here’s why.

Thinking outside the gym means relying on something other than cumbersome equipment to achieve an effective workout. Attendees of SC Boot Camp need only a mat, weights, and a water bottle. Ryan and Danielle use the setting around them to create an intense hour-long workout. Campers return camp after camp for the challenge, the variety, the camaraderie, and the exercise.

Boot camp is held outdoors in the warmer months at Broad Rock Fields. This location has many assets, including three baseball fields, two nature trails, hills, stairways, bumpers, fences, and more. Look at how your coaches will train you to use the environment around you! The beauty is you can use what you learn anywhere, anytime!

Bumper Taps:  A great cardio and lower body workout.  Staying low, shuffle from one end of the bumper to the other, tapping the end each time…Bumper Taps!

Wall Sits, Anywhere:  Who needs a wall to wall sit?  Not us!  A wall sit is an intense lower body and core strength workout.

Hill Sprints: Hill sprints are a burst of energy uphill with a quick recovery downhill.  All you need is a little hill to do this!

Sit and Stand:  This is a functional exercise that will strengthen your whole body with a focus on lower body and core.  You can do this anywhere you can sit down!

Step Ups:  Talk about balance and strength, step ups offer a variety of challenge depending on your fitness level.  Your coaches are on hand to guide you through the options to find what challenges you at your fitness level.

Stairs:  Stair ways are perfect for cardio and to work those legs!  Go up the stairs at your best pace and recover as you go down.

Baseball Fields:  At this location there are three fields of different sizes.   You can find campers running the perimeter, the bases, or doing an exercise from baseline to baseline.  All you need is an open area!  Here Coach Ryan is using the bases to lunge from base to base.


More Fence Fun:  The wooden fence at this height is the perfect location for elevated push-ups and tricep dips!

Outdoor and indoors, Ryan and Danielle are experts at providing a no equipment needed workout!  They also provide some fun with equipment they bring along for you, have a look:

As the weather cools, boot camp moves to its awesome indoor location at the SK Recreation Center.  This location provides ample opportunity for a no equipment workout.  Have a look at some of the fun to be had indoors.  Like outdoors, Ryan and Danielle bring challenges along with them!

Learn more about South County Boot Camp and Coaching for Women at www.scbootcamp.com!



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