How to Make Exercise a Habit with Coaches Ryan and Danielle Bate

It is no secret that establishing and keeping a workout routine is challenging.  However, imagine what it would be like if we could turn working out into a habit.  Meaning it becomes part of your daily or weekly plans, with no excuses.  Here are 5 ways that you can help you make exercise a habit:


1.  Create a Plan:  In order to be successful, we must first plan out our action steps.  A plan will keep you on track and hold you accountable for your goals.  Look at your current schedule and decide when and where you will fit in your workout.  Consistency is key, ideally, carve out a minimum of three workout sessions.  If you have a calendar, a phone app, a planner, or any type of schedule, make sure to put your workout in.  It is as important as any client meeting or open house.  Time for yourself will allow you to perform at your best in all facets of your life.  Make exercise a habit and you will see all areas of your life improve.

2.  Prepare: Now that you have created your plan, it is time to prepare for your plan.  Make sure the type of exercise you are choosing fits you.  For example, if you dislike running, sign yourself up for a class where you can get your cardio in and not feel like you are only running.  You are more likely to create a habit out of something you enjoy rather than something you do not look forward to.  That being said, some people may feel that they will never look forward to working out.  Firstly, we challenge you to try our program.  We keep it exciting, challenging, and brand new each day.  Click here to see what our clients are saying.  Secondly, we ask you to change your mindset about working out.  Instead of thinking, “I don’t like working out.”  How about reminding yourself, “I get to work out.”  Your health is a gift and working out is an opportunity to celebrate that gift.  Prepare yourself mentally and physically for your personal goals.  Eat right, stay positive, and prepare to make your workout your newest habit!


3.  Be Reasonable:  When you have made the decision to get moving, it can be exciting.  In all the excitement, be sure not to set unrealistic expectations.  If you come out of the gates too hard, you may exhaust yourself and find it challenging to stick to your plan.  Make your workout frequent and rigorous enough that you feel satisfied but not defeated.  It is important to acclimate your body so that you can make progress towards your goals.  As you progress, increase your intensity, length, reps, or time at a reasonable pace.  As coaches, we are available to our clients, helping them to create and maintain reasonable yet challenging fitness goals.

4.  Focus on All Aspects:  Fitness is not weight loss. Fitness is strength, endurance, flexibility, core stability, and cardio health.  As fat turns into muscle, the number on the scale will increase.  We advise our clients to notice the overall changes your body will make, not the number on the scale.  It is how you feel, not what you weigh.  Pay attention to the gains you make.  Are you running farther or faster?  Can you lift more weight or do more reps? Is your endurance increasing?  These are the markers of fitness gains, not the number on the scale.

5.  Stay Motivated:  Most importantly, stay positive.  There will be bumps in the road, how you handle the obstacles is what matters most.  Our clients find success because of our coaching techniques and the motivated women they surround themselves with at camp.  Motivation is both external and internal.  Sometimes we need those around us to push ourselves to the next level.  Your mindset is everything, you can achieve it if you believe it.  Make sure the company you keep fuels your fire.  Equally as important is the way you speak to yourself.  Stay positive, stay motivated, and don’t give up on yourself.  As you coaches, we are behind you 110% of the way, we believe in you!

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