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How To Stay on the Track To Fitness All Year Long!

Have you ever found that you are rocking your fitness goals when suddenly, seasons change, schedules wreak havoc and next thing you know you haven’t worked out in a month? South County Adventure Boot Camp has some tips to help you stay on track all year long.

  1.  Prepare For Season Changes: A change of season affects more than just the weather. It affects our mood, health, schedules, and can affect our ability to commute. Knowing this, it is essential to plan for any obstacles that may arise. September marks the start of a new school year for many families, this can be a chaotic time, and it is easy to put yourself and your goals last on the list. This does not do anyone any favors. You are your best parent when you are your best you, remember that. Creating a schedule for the family to see is a useful tool. Putting your workout times on this schedule not only reminds you, but it also lets your family member know to honor that time as well. When winter arrives, the weather can cause a problem. If you see hazardous weather on the horizon, plan an at-home routine so that you do not lose your momentum. Whatever the season is, South County Adventure Boot Camp can help you keep your sacred 1-hour routine. Be sure to follow us for healthy tips and tricks as well as tasty recipes to keep your body adequately fueled all year long.   
  2. Monitor Your Progress: Tracking your goals is key to meeting your goals. Find a way that works for you to monitor your progress and to hold yourself accountable. There are apps, journals, calendars, schedules, and the like that can make tracking your progress an easy yet essential step. Creating a weekly or monthly plan will allow you to see what is coming, prepare for it, and then crush your goals! Monitoring your progress should include both longterm and shorter goals. Just like running a marathon, you aren’t going to wake up and run 26.2 miles. You are going to make short term goals and schedules to help you succeed in meeting your lofty goal.  
  3.  Plan for Success: “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

― Benjamin Franklin  

These words are so powerful, and so true. A goal without a plan is nothing more than a wish. The first step is to take a look at your goals, and then decide what actions need to be taken to achieve this goal. Your plan should consist of immediate actions; these steps can be taken daily as well as actions that will set you up for future success. Some examples include meal prep, scheduling, shopping lists, accountability charts, support systems, and more. The more you plan, the more likely you are to meet your expectations.  

4.  Be Your Support: You need to push yourself; no one else is going to do it for you. Self-care, positive self-talk, and self-motivation are what is going to get you where you are going. Consider creating a mantra, something you say in the morning and before bed each day. Leave yourself notes reminding yourself of how hard you are working and how far you have come. Here are 25 powerful mantras to keep you going!


5.  Check Your Company: “Surround Yourself with people who are only going to lift you higher.” Setting yourself up for success means knowing who to be around. Avoid naysayers and sabotagers; you do not need this type of negativity. The women of South County Adventure Boot Camp attribute their success to the women they are surrounded by. Like-minded, motivated people will help you attain your goals. Evaluate your circle frequently. At times, we are forced to be in the company of people who seem to want to derail progress. Have a plan to stop these people in their tracks. Know what to say and how to act so that you can keep the power and continue on your road to success. Consider asking a friend, coworker, or family member to get on board with you!  

A year is a long time, yet it passes in a blink. Imagine how you will feel if all 365 days you can stay on track and meet your goals. Then, doing it year after year…we call that a lifestyle change. If you are interested in changing your lifestyle and setting yourself up for success….check us out at www.scbootcamp.com.  

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