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Ladies, Here’s The Fitness Routine You Need!

At South County Adventure Boot Camp, we aim to teach our clients to “think outside the gym.”  We are dedicated to providing a workout that beats the everyday monotony of a gym routine and will give you the tools you need to create an effective workout with minimal to no equipment.  It’s like having a personal trainer for a fraction of the cost.  Here is how it works:

Each and every day we provide a new and exciting workout.  We have campers who have been with us from the start and they have never had a repeat workout.  It is easy to fall into a workout routine that is predictable.  The problem is that you will become bored overtime.  Without proper training, it is a challenge to create a workout on your own…never mind a new one each day!  We take away that obstacle and greet you with a new and challenging workout.  Additionally, you will receive one on one attention so that you can perform at your personal best.  Our campers thrive on the motivation from fellow campers as well as the consistent encouragement of the trainers.  It is like personal training at minimal cost!

South County Adventure Boot Camp will teach you to use your body as the machine.  You can obtain a full body workout without any equipment! No matter the season…South County Adventure Boot Camp will have you working to your fullest potential. During the warmer months you can find campers all over Broad Rock Athletic Fields and in the colder weather, camp is held in the brand-new South Kingstown Recreation Center.  At times, campers will use hand held weights and mats to enhance the full body workout.  The skill you learn in boot camp will travel will you everywhere, literally!  You will find that when you are away, you can use the workouts you have learned to continue your fitness journey.  At South County Adventure Boot Camp, we help you make a lifestyle change.  We work you beyond the hour you are at camp.  You will receive fitness tips, health tips, great recipes, motivating email, and new fitness challenges.


South County Adventure Boot Camp is a safe haven for all ages and for all fitness levels.  We work with you at your current fitness level, and we will bring you to the next level.  Our trainers will provide modifications so you can focus on the important part…YOU! It is not easy to challenge yourself each and every day, we are here to make sure you do.  You never have to worry about the “fitness rut” because each day is a new workout and each day you will progress.


If you are wondering if South County Adventure Boot Camp is right for you…the answer is YES!  We are looking forward to helping you change your lifestyle, reach your goals, and enjoy a brand new you.  Register today at www.scbootcamp.com!



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