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Music Scene in Rhode Island

Music Scene in Rhode Island
Music Scene in Rhode Island

Music Scene in Rhode Island

Most artists know exactly where the best concerts are in the country. What they miss out of are the hometowns events that bring new artists to light. These special events put on by small towns are great for those looking for the next big thing. The music scene in Rhode Island is much different than you will find in big metropolitan places. You may not be headed to a huge venue among thousands of screaming fans, but instead you get to pull out your lawn chair and cheer on your favorite local band with family and friends.

Music Scene in Rhode Island…free concerts

From June to August, there are a series of free concerts that take place in Waterplace Park. Located in Providence, Rhode Island, the concert series is put on for families during the summer. Each Friday night a new band is showcased including The Mowgli’s, The Neighbourhood, Torn Shorts, and many more.

If you are more interested in the history behind the music in Rhode Island, you can visit the Rhode Island Music Hall of Fame. The nonprofit company preserves the legacy of musicians form the state. They also work to develop programs in order to expand the music scene in Rhode Island. This allows for music to play an important role for the residents of Rhode Island. Every year there are induction events recognizing musicians and entering them into the Rhode Island Hall of Fame.

Music Scene in Rhode Island…for students young and old

The schools and universities in the state have their own bands and music programs. These bands are featured at sports games and special events in the town. Many of them can be seen in parades during the holidays. Those looking into the music field can obtain information from one of the colleges or universities in the state to learn about all the musical programs available.

The music scene in Rhode Island is a huge topic and this is only but a glance of what RI has to offer.

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