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New Year…New You!

South County Adventure Boot Camp in RI
South County Adventure Boot Camp in RI

South County Adventure Boot Camp in RI

Ladies, ladies, ladies…the Holiday Season is upon us which means one thing, New Years is around the corner.  I am sure many of us ladies are guilty of the same resolution…get in shape!  If this is you, then here is your answer…South County Adventure Boot Camp in RI.  I know what you might be thinking, boot camp, I’m not ready for that.  Oh contraire my friend, you are!  Ryan and Danielle Bate, your fitness masterminds behind South County Adventure Boot Camp,  are quite possibly two of the most inspirational folks when it comes to health and fitness.  Their goal is to make you feel welcomed, comfortable, and motivated.  All levels of fitness and all ages are encouraged.  The most important point that is stressed are your own personal goals, not the fitness levels of others.  This is the most effective and fun workout around.  Each day brings a new and innovative fitness challenge that will ask your body to take itself to the next level.

South County Adventure Boot Camp in RI…

  • Strengthen your core
  • Lose Weight and gain strength
  • Achieve your mental/physical goals
  • Boost your confidence
  • Learn healthy lifestyle changes
  • Visibly fit and toned body

The program is the perfect medley of conditioning, strengthening, endurance training, yoga, stretching, kick boxing, Pilates and more.  Each day of camp is filled with surprises and challenges.  Gone are the days of watching the TV go by as you tirelessly clock your miles on the gym treadmill.  Boot Camp will give you the workout you have been craving.  South County Adventure Boot Camp in RI has earned the prestigious award of “Best of Rhode Island” for the past two years!  Make this year the year, join South County Adventure Boot Camp in RI…your mind and body will thank you.

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The most productive and challenging hour of your day!

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