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Summer is Riding Season: An Event for Everybody

As the summer season officially begins, New Englanders look for outdoor activities to fill their free time anad allow them to enjoy the warm weather. Some people plan picnics or jogging regimens, but another popular activity is cycling. Whether it’s solo, a group ride or an actual riding event, cyclists begin to appear on the road starting in May and continuing through October. And while it’s nice to go on a ride alone, it can be more challenging, but fun to ride with a friend… or two.

Cycling can be a strenuous activity; however, it is also rewarding both mentally and physically. It’s worth noting that transitioning to a road bike can be difficult, and you may worry about the cost, the pressure of joining a group ride, or your skill level. Taking up cycling can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be.

There are many opportunities to dip your feet in and make the transition into group riding throughout the summer, but some are less daunting and stressful than others.

One of those no stress opportunities is at Ride ‘Round Rhody (RRR) 2018. LIFEcycle’s annual cycling event, RRR, supports local cancer research and treatment and is a good fit for those looking to begin their cycling journey, while also supporting a valuable local cause. This year marks the 10th and final ride, so it’s the perfect time to join in on the fun.

Smaller ride:
● RRR welcomes riders of all skill levels, so allies are all around to help guide you through the experience
● The ride is joined by hundreds rather than thousands of riders, so you’re less likely to get lost in the shuffle
● Their intro level ride is only 15 miles, which is equivalent to running a 5K. It’s accessible!
Ride, not race
● It’s a ride, not a race, so participants can take a leisurely pace through the course and don’t have the pressure of needing to finish first
Accessible Help
● Support vehicles follow every group, so there are teams looking out for you
● It’s a supportive community, so there’s always someone to reach out to with questions or assistance
● Volunteers are available on-site and along the routes, and if you want to introduce yourself into the cycling community, it’s another great opportunity to get involved
NBX Bike Partnership
● RRR partners with NBX bike shops, who offer bike rentals for just $50, including: helmet, lock and pick-up/delivery service
● So, if you don’t have a bike and want to try before you buy, reserve a bike before the ride through NBX

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