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The FAQ’S of South County Adventure Boot Camp!

Do I Need a Mask for the Workout?
You are not expected or advised to work out in a mask.  We have campers a minimum of 10 feet apart, as recommended by the CDC.  We ask that you wear a mask until you are safely in your space and when you leave.  If your trainers need to approach you, they will wear a mask.
How Can You Stay Socially Distanced?
Our camps are at Broad Rock Athletic Fields, which boasts three large baseball fields, large parking areas, a nature trail, and additional outdoor areas.  We can keep campers at least 15 feet apart without any problems.  We have a staggered parking location so that campers are not congregating before or after camp.
How Is Equipment Sanitized?
Each camper is responsible for her equipment.  We ask that you bring a mat, weights, and water.  However, we encourage you to bring other equipment that you may have, such as jump ropes, bands, extra weights, etc.  We will have hand sanitizer for your use.  We ask that campers do not share equipment and advise that you disinfect your equipment daily.
What About Inclement Weather?
If we know in advance that the weather will not be suitable for a workout, we will move to Zoom for that day.  We are very communicative via email and Facebook, so check those places if there is cause for concern.
What If I am Not Comfortable with In-Person Session?
We are working to meet the needs of all clients; therefore, we offer four in-person days and three Zoom days.  We will be at Broad Rock Athletic Fields Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Zoom is held Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.
Can I participate in Zoom and In-Person Session?
By all means, YES!  If you sign up for more than three sessions, you can participate in Zoom and outdoor camp!  Campers have the opportunity for six boot camp sessions per week!
What if I Miss a Zoom Session?
No worries, we have you covered!  Once you enroll in our camp, we will give you access to the Zoom Workout Database.  Here you can access all past workouts when it works for you.
How is Zoom Different From an At-Home Workout Program, App, or Video?
Our Zoom sessions are 100% interactive, imagine having a trainer alongside you, wherever you are working out.  We are there to encourage you, guide you, and help you with proper form.  You can even interact with other campers.  Apps, videos, and at home workouts lack the accountability, motivation, and interaction that we provide with our Zoom workouts.
What Happens If Quarantine is Required Again?
We are Pandemic Proof!  If residents quarantine again, we will move to a full-time Zoom schedule.  While we hope this does not happen, we want you to know we are prepared to be with you through all of it.  Health is vital during these times, and we want you to continue with a healthy lifestyle, regardless of what the future throws our way.    Learn more at www.scbootcamp.com!

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