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What do Rhode Islanders say they Love Most about Rhode Island?

Okay, we asked and you answered.  What do you love the most about Rhode Island?  In our humble opinion, the list could certainly go on and on and on.  So, we decided to take the top 5 most popular answers.  Here are the top 5 things Rhode Islanders claim to love about this little state.

1. The Size:  This is no surprise really.  Growing up in such a small state, you get used to everything being within a 45 minute drive or less.  As you get older and busier, this is even more of a bonus.  The state itself is 1,214 square miles and is about 37 miles east to west and 48 miles north to south.  In this case, size matters and smaller is better for Rhode Islanders. In particular, many noted how you can spend the day basking in the sun and then take a short drive to enjoy the festivities of the bustling capital city. Rhode Island may be small in size but undoubtedly not lacking in performance.


2.  The Beaches:  This is yet again, not all all surprising.  After all, Rhode Island is the Ocean State!  With about 40 miles of coastline, it is only natural that the beach is a favorite place to frequent.  The down side…beach traffic, you know what this looks like on a sweltering summer day, hot and slow!  Here is a list of beaches…plan your trip accordingly!

Best Beaches in Southern Rhode Island

3.  The Food: It may not be quite as obvious as the aforementioned, but it is quite true.  Providence and Newport are foodie destinations while the other towns and cities fly a little under the radar, but offer incredible cuisine.  From the iconic clam shack to the 5 star restaurant and literally everything in between, this little state is big on food.  Here are a few articles to guide you along your dining journey:

lil clam 4


Outdoor Dining



Craft Beer Places


Locally Sourced

4.  The History:  There is no need to literally rewrite history as you can read a great deal on Wikipedia.  However, there are some interesting historical moments that you may not be aware of:

white horse tavern

  • Rhode Island never ratified the 18th Amendment prohibition-Um, of course we didn’t!
  • Polo was played for the first time in the United States in 1876 near Newport-Still rocking Polo today.
  • The Flying Horse Carousel is the nation’s oldest carousel- Located in the lovely Watch Hill!
  • Rhode Island is known for making silverware and fine jewelry-Hmmm…isn’t it Del’s and Coffee Syrup?
  • The White Horse Tavern was built in 1673 and is the oldest operating tavern in the United States- So go have a drink!

5.  The People:  The people of Rhode Island are an eclectic bunch with a range of ethnicity, this only adds to the flavor of our state.  You can really find all types in this little state and that is a good thing!  However, Rhode Islanders near and far do share one common thread.  An unwavering abundance of pride for this little state. We wear it on our shirts, plaster it on our cars and even get permanently inked on our bodies! #rhodeislandpride

tatoo 1


These Rhode Island besties have matching Rhody tats with the Violet, the state flower…that is Rhode Island love…


Here is another photo of permanent Rhode Island pride!  Have any Rhode Island inspired ink?  Share your photos with us on Facebook!

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