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Who’s Up for a 30 Day Burpee Challenge this New Year?

Have you ever heard of a Burpee?  The Burpee is one of the most effective total body exercises.  However, it is challenging and requires proper form.  Ryan Bate of South County Adventure Boot Camp is spreading Burpee cheer one Burpee at a time.  We invite you to take the challenge and complete a minimum of one burpee per day for 30 days straight.  Start your new year off by embracing the burpee, complete one burpee each day for the month of January.

If you are not new to the Burpee, here is a 30-day challenge just for you!

There are three types of Burpees featured in this challenge: V-Jump, 180 Degree, and the Suck it up Princess Burpee.  See the video below for a demonstration and follow this schedule for 30 days and reap the benefits of the Burpee!




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