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2 Dozen Things to do in Rhode Island this Summer…

Rhode Island is known for the beauty of each season, but it is undeniable that this little state really heats during the summer months!  Hop a bus, catch a ferry or pitch a tent, this is just the beginning of a hot summer in Rhode Island.  Without further adieu, here is a list of 24 summer activities:

dels lemon1.  Sip on Summer with Del’s:  No summer day is cooled off in a more Rhode Island fashion than with a Del’s lemonade. If you are in a hot spot, you can rest assured that somewhere close by you will find a Del’s truck or stand.  If not, you can take a short ride to the nearest Del’s location.  Learn more about Del’s here!

2.  Cool Down with a Cone:  Rhode Island has a host of great ice cream shops that pride themselves on homemade delicious ice cream. It is likely that where ever you are enjoying the summer, there is a place close by to grab a scoop.   Here are a few of our favorites.

3.  Visit a Clam Shack:  As early as I can remember, there was always a common question from the travelers…”where can I get chowda’ and clam cakes?”  Rhode Island is known for this staple and certainly offers many locations.  Here are a few of our favorites!

4. Al Fresco Dining:  Of course, we are not called the Ocean State for nothing.  There are plenty of restaurants that offer salty air dining as well as others that allow for the sights and sounds of the city. And, still others that offer a country vibe or a lakeside view.  Here is a list of places to dine outside the walls.

whalers brewing logo5.  Tour a Brewery:  Not only does this little state do food well, Rhode Island is also booming with a host of local craft brewers.  The beauty is, they offer tours and samplings for you to enjoy the fruits of their labor.  Here is a list of breweries where you can enjoy local beer.  Here is another list of where you can buy and drink craft beer.

6.  Visit an Iconic Location:  From the historic to the happening, there are so many locations that have built a name for themselves over the years.  Here is a list of 21 places you should put on your RI bucket list!

7.  Beach It:  This goes without saying.  A summer tradition in Rhode Island involves a suntan and a healthy dose of salt water.  There are many beaches to choose from, some secluded and some that hop like a nightclub in the sand.  Here is a list of Rhode Island’s beaches.

8.  Visit an Island:  Rhode Island, although not an island by definition, is home to a few islands that can make your summer memorable.  Hop a ferry and head over to Block Island for a real summer experience.  As their tagline says, “just leave your worries behind”, and get on the boat.  There is definitely a carefree vibe that permeates Block Island.  You can also cross a bridge to Jamestown where you will get a real local feeling.  There is not a chain business to be found here. You will be able to eat and shop at some incredible local stores and restaurants.  Head over another bridge and find your way to Newport, arguably one of Rhode Island’s biggest draws.  Great food, sailing, activities, historical locations, concerts and so much more can be found all season long in Newport.  By boat, you can explore a number of other islands.  For example, Rose Island, Prudence Island, Hog Island, Goat Island, Dutch Island and perhaps your own undiscovered island.

9.  Catch a FREE Concert:  Wherever you are in the state, there is a FREE concert series happening nearby.  These free concerts allow you an inexpensive way to enjoy Rhode Island and its favorite musicians.  Pack a picnic, grab a blanket or lawn chair and prepare for a night out that will not wreak havoc on your wallet.  Here is a complete guide to the free outdoor concerts!

10.  Waterfire:  No summer season is complete without experiencing the wonder of Waterfire in Providence.  The entire cityWaterfire_flicker_image_4 is booming with excitement around this event.  Providence is best enjoyed when illuminated by the stunning display of Waterfire!  Here is a detailed schedule of events.

11.  PYO ?-  Pick Your Own __________.  Rhode Island is home to a large amount of local produce growers.  Nothing says summer like a batch of hand picked ruby red strawberries!  Here is a link where you can find out where and when you can pick local produce.

12.  Farmer’s Market:  Rhode Island is bursting with local farms that produce locally raised and harvested goods.  These farms are showcased at one of RI’s many farmer’s markets.  Enjoy the local flavor of Rhode Island by stopping by a local farmer’s market. Here is a list of when and where you can find the markets.

13.  Giggle!:  Did you know that Rhode Island can be really funny?  Well, if you attend one of the great upcoming acts, you will know what the laugh is all about.  The Newport Comedy Series has moved to a beautiful location, The Hyatt in Newport.  The hottest acts will be gracing the stage and will have your face hurting from laughter.  The complete lineup is here.  Additionally, you can head to East Providence and catch a laugh at the Comedy Connection.  There is something hysterical happening most nights of the week.  View the schedule here.

14.  Frolic at a Fair or a Festival:  From music festivals to agricultural fairs, Rhode Island is home to many widely renowned events.  Here is a list of some of our favorites, please note…this is not all!  Check out our events calendar to see others.

15.  Meals on Wheels:  Food Trucks have moved far beyond the days of the “roach coach.”  In fact, there are entire evenings dedicated to consuming the goods of the local food trucks.  Here are a few links to guide you to your next meal on wheels:

Ocean State Concessions

Narragansett Food Trucks at the Beach

Roaming Hunger

16.  Take a Hike:  Well not really, don’t go anywhere…keep reading!  Beauty abounds in Rhode Island and one of the best ways to enjoy it is to put yourself right in the middle of it.  Take a hike at any of the beautiful refuges, parks and the like.  Here is a link that will help you plan the places your feet will take you.

17.  Tour a Vineyard:  The perfect way to unwind in the summer often includes wine!  Why not take a tour of one of the picturesque vineyards in RI?   Here are a few to get you started:

18.  Sail The Ocean Blue…Possibly Catch a Fish or Two:  The Ocean State offers many ways to enjoy yourself while out on the water.  Charter a sailboat, a fishing trip, or enjoy a guided boat tour.  Not interested in the ocean, check out the Providence River Boat Company or the Blackstone Valley Riverboat Tours and see all the enticing rides that they offer!

narr once more 119.  Why Buy when you can RENT:  There are a boatload of locations in Rhode Island where you can rent your recreational equipment.  From paddle boarding to scootering around…you can rent just about everything and anything in the way of water sports.  Here are a few locations that offer rentals:

Narragansett Surf and Skate

Gansett’ Rides

Kayak Centre

Narrow River Kayaks

Warm Winds

Narragansett Bikes NBX

Newport Bicycle

East Providence Cycle Company

Brumble Bikes

Rentals on Block Island

20.  Catch a Game:  The Paw Sox have been delighting fans near and far and are a prominent sign that summer is underway in the Ocean State.  Do yourself a favor and catch a game at the original Paw Sox Stadium this sultry season.  The complete schedule is here.   You can also catch the Ocean State Waves for an exciting ball game which features some awesome talent.  Here is their schedule.  The Newport Gulls are also a local favorite and it is certainly worth catching a few of their games this season.  Here is the schedule.

21.  Hop on a Bus:  Let someone else do the driving and see the state by way of a bus.  There are several types of guided

The Rhode Island Brew Bus
The Rhode Island Brew Bus

tours available through Experience Rhode Island.  You can also hop aboard the infamous Rhode Island Brew Bus and take a tour of the state’s local breweries.  If you are just not up for driving, board the RIPTA and choose your destination.  Mr. Narragansett himself will be giving guided trolley tours on Wednesdays, details here.  Newport also offers the classic trolley as an option, details here.  Providence and Newport are also home to the pedicab mode of transport.  Check out Sol Chariots in Providence or Newport Pedicab to see the area in a environmentally friendly way!

22.  Pitch a Tent:  The coastline is no doubt an alluring destination in the summer.  However, leave the coast by only minutes and you can take solace in the outdoor refuge provided by the local campgrounds.  This is an affordable, albeit a rustic way, to enjoy Rhode Island.  Here is a list of campgrounds in Rhode Island.

23.  Sip Seaside:  Bring your sand and your sunburns to these favorite local beach bars.  Nothing says summer like a frozen concoction, typically decorated in sweet fruits.  Here are a few beach bars that will welcome you, your sand and your tan-lines.  Click here for the complete list.

24.  Get Artsy:  This state seems to have something in the water that breeds local artists.  You would be remiss to pass over the local art galleries and museums that you can find in this little state.  Here is a search to help you on your artistic venture.




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