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The Importance of Strengthening Your Core

Your core is the stability of your body, it’s what keeps your balanced and allows the rest of your body to work harmoniously.  Many think of a strong core as abdominal muscles.  However, it is so much more that that.  Your core wraps around your body and extends up and down. Sit-ups alone will never provide you the strength you need in your core and can cause imbalance increasing your risk of injury.  Strengthening your core is key to overall health and fitness.  Here’s why you need a program that will target those core muscles. 

  1. Injury Prevention: It is a common misconception that when walking or running, our limbs are doing the bull of the work. This is not true, it is your core where the movement begins.  A strong core will provide balance and power to your movement, decreasing your risk of injury by overloading your other muscle groups.  Think of your body as a building and your core as the structural component.  It’s what keeps you upright and strong.  
  2. Improve Overall Performance:  Whether you are running a marathon, mowing the lawn, or building a sandcastle with your kids, your core is always the driving force for all movements.  Strengthening your core will lead to better performance in daily activities, fitness routines, athletics, and more.  A strong core makes every day living much easier.  From daily chores to simple activities, you’ll fine you can complete them with greater ease while minimizing your risk of injury. Another added bonus is your posture will naturally improve, so stand tall and start working that core!
  3. Healthier Aging:  Back injuries are among the most common types of injuries as we age.  More often than not, it’s from a very simple movement or activity.  Most back injuries can be prevented by strengthening your core and learning proper technique to engage and use your core.  As we age it is more important than ever to keep a strong core.  An activity as simple as sitting down and getting up requires the most of your core.  It is never too late to start gaining strength and mobility in that core!  In order to keep active, fit, and injury free as you age, you need to learn how to build those core muscles.  

At South County Boot Camp and Wellness Coaching for Women, we are your core coaches, literally and figuratively! As active parents of three, we understand the need to stay strong and the want for healthy aging.  We work with women of all ages and fitness levels to build overall strength and wellness, but it all starts with the core.  The core is more than your stomach, it also includes your pelvis, lower back, and hips.  It’s literally the center of your body, how can we be strong without a major focus on your central body.  Joining our camp will provide you with a full body workout that emphasizes your core to give you the strength and stability you need to be your best! No matter your age or fitness level, we are the right fit for you! We accommodate women of all ages and levels, check us out at www.scbootcamp.com for more! 

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